Seamist Part 1

Here at East View, most of you will know just how attached we all get to our horses.
There are many that have been here 15 years or more and we have had over 100 horses and ponies over the past 45 years.
Starting from my Nan (Mrs Turners) first horse Pepsi, to my own first shetland pony Poppet…

Seamist was one such special member of the East View family.

We purchased him from a Dealer in March 2005, he fitted in so quickly and fast became a yard favourite amongst the regular riders.
Mrs Turner saw him and brought him on sight as well…. he is a very pretty boy.

Seamist was our spokesman, any sign of life or movement from the farmhouse or a dog walker walking past the gate, meant that it must surely be some sort of meal or treat time for Seamist. Never have I seen another horse consume so much food!! Many of you will remember Cleopatra or Carmella, both of which were easily double the size of Seamist, but he ate as much as they did and would eat more! He loves to be with his pals in the field and loved to roll! In his stable after a good hack or in the paddock. This is often why he was either green or brown rather than his actual flea-bitten grey.

Seamist loved to be made a fuss of but hated being tied up, so he always had to be spoken to gently and treated very calmly… again, food was often key here if you wanted to spend anytime pampering him.

He looks so happy in his new home complete with two companions and an emu named Echo and we know Gail will look after him. Gail has been asking to buy Seamist almost since he arrived in the yard all those years ago, so although we are very sad to see him go, we know he will be loved and looked after. We will miss him.

If anyone needs Bird Boarding then Gail Masters is your lady and you can maybe visit Seamist when you’re there!

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