Enforced closure of East View Riding Centre due to Lockdown 2.0

Hi all,

We hope you are all keeping safe and well through this second lockdown so far.

After much toing and froing, following the announcement of the second lockdown, and based upon independent advice we received and the various horsey bodies and their guidlines, we have no choice but to once again close our gates.

That decision was made harder by conflicting statements that have lead to the belief that Riding Centres did not need to close.That requirement has now been confirmed and Riding Centres such as ours need to close for the moment.

Unlike the last time we were in lockdown, we don‘t have grass and need to supplement the lack of grazing with additional hay. We face even tougher challenges in a way, as due to the rain we have had throughout most of October and with winter fast approaching, we need to keep as many of our horses stabled, to have any hope of saving the fields for next years grazing. This all results in more feed, bedding and running costs.

So, once again, we are reaching out to family and friends and everyone both young and old who over the years have ridden at East View Riding Centre to help support us if you are able.

Your generosity during the last lockdown made such a difference to the horses. We were all so thankful for your support, it was so amazing to know we had so many people who cared about EVRC and our lovely hairy horses.

We can’t wait to see you all again soon.

Keep safe and thanks again.


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