Australia facing an Animal crisis due to its natural disaster.

Hi everyone from the East View riding centre in Danehill, UK. As most of you are aware, the fires in Australia have been absolutely devastating and unheard of. Most who have come riding with us probably will have known that I, Joel, Fionn’s husband is Australian. Most of my relatives live around Newcastle, NSW. I’ve been getting reports through the […] Continue Reading

Hottest May Bank Holiday in 20 years!

Had a wonderful day today here at East View Riding Centre! So lucky to have the wonderful Ashdown Forest to hack and ride and it’s definitely one of the most beautiful areas of riding in Sussex. Even our own little corner of private 35 acres of hacking in the woods and over the bridges and through the bluebells and around […] Continue Reading

Kath Tarrant RDA Bike Ride

Good evening all, Our lovely Kath is raising money for the RDA in Brighton by riding her bike 215 miles on May 1st-4th along the Transpennie Trail. She’s raised over £500 so far but I’m just seeing if we can boost it a bit more. We have a lovely lot of riders who come riding with us from the Brighton […] Continue Reading

Let it snow!!!

So it snowed today! Ice everywhere…. Not good for hacking… Hope everyone is staying safe!!!

Maintaining the East view riding centre

As most of you all well know, farms take a lot of maintaining! Lately our farm is undergoing so many major maintenance projects. One of of which being “the bridge over troubled water”. Our farm has a lovely stream going through our woods. It’s beautiful but needs a bridge or 4 to make our woods widely accessible to our farm […] Continue Reading

2016 Sponsored Ride – Ashdown Forest

This year (2016) we enjoyed the sponsored ride with 150 horses along with our co-ordinator PippingfordLivery. It was a fantastic day, weather was unreal – surprisingly sunny. We started at around 10:15am from Pippingford Livery. Photos from the day are here: 2016 Sponsored Ride (Taken by the East View Hacker) We also had a professional Photographer with us this year, […] Continue Reading

Seamist Part 1

Here at East View, most of you will know just how attached we all get to our horses. There are many that have been here 15 years or more and we have had over 100 horses and ponies over the past 45 years. Starting from my Nan (Mrs Turners) first horse Pepsi, to my own first shetland pony Poppet… Seamist […] Continue Reading