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About Us – East View Riding Centre

We are a small family run stables that have been providing fun hacks for all riding abilities since 1974. Originally fruit farmers, we began our journey with a few horses. Friends of the family would ask to ride our horses and it grew from there to the well established East View Riding Centre and well known stables it is today. We pride ourselves at being the best at what we do and caring for and enjoying our much loved horses. Riding on the Ashdown Forest couldn’t be better. We love sharing this experience with our customers and we think you’ll agree. Come and join us!

Reliable horses and ponies to suit all riders, don’t worry if you are nervous, we will walk with you every step of the way! Absolute beginners are welcome on our Private Farm Rides in a safe and enclosed area ideal to gain your confidence, there will be no road work, just you and your horse. Children from 7 years upwards are welcome.

Our family

The Turners have been in this village for many generations, Edna and Peter Turner built farm house in 1959 and the stables shortly afterwards, we are currently our sixth generation on the farm.

Stable Managers – Kath Tarrant and Fionn Horne

Kath leading a farm ride
Kath leading a farm ride

Fie on Apache
Fie on Apache

Kath has been working at the stables for the past 30 years. She has many years of experience and is friendly and capable and knows her job inside and out. Fionn is the eldest granddaughter of Peter and Edna Turner and has grown up around the horses and stables from a very young age and has lived on the farm since she was 5 years old.

Kathy Tarrant

“Having grown up on Ashdown Forest and ridden its bridleways for over 30 years I have special relationship with the Forest. To me it is a wonderful place. I have experienced it in all its seasons; pouring rain, howling wind, misty, crisp frost mornings, clear blue skies, I have seen the sun rise on the forest and seen it set and yet I have never come back from a ride and wished I’d not gone.

I love the Forest and its wildlife,  its views, its streams, the ferns and the heather. I love the way the landscape changes and I love sharing the forest with those I ride with.

Over the years I have taken hundreds of people riding and we have become fond of each other. Rightly or wrongly I feel responsible for others enjoying their ride and  try to make them fun, exciting and cheerful; mostly I feel I have succeeded. We have exhilarating canters, ride new routes, have great conversations and idle banter and stops at the famous ice cream van.

I also love the horses, all with their own personalities.  I have had my favourites over the years I know the horses well and can match horse and rider.

The combination of my love of the Forest, the Horses and those who come riding make this my ideal job, If only it were closer to where I live…”

Weekend Staff – Laura, Jenny and Gary

Jenny and Laura
Jenny and Laura

Laura Ward

“My name is Laura, I have been riding at East View Riding Centre for 20 years and working and escorting rides out on Ashdown Forest for over the last 10 years.  Ashdown Forest itself is a beautiful picturesque place to ride. Even after 20 years I am still captivated by the magic the forest has to offer. Riding on Ashdown Forest is not only spectacular but also a great opportunity to meet new friends who share a common passion for horses. My passion for horses also has a strong connection with my other passion for working with children with special educational needs and in particular autism. Horses have an extremely therapeutic nature and can provide a fantastic opportunity for anyone to enjoy a ride either around our beautiful woods and farm land or a thrilling ride through Ashdown Forest.”

Jenny Waight

“Hi my name is Jen and I’ve been riding at East View Riding Centre for 15 years. The Ashdown forest is an amazing place to be all year round and in all seasons. When you are up on the forest on horseback all your worries disappear and you enjoy every second of being there. Ashdown forest is so big and vast you can explore areas that you never knew existed, no ride feels the same.

The horses are brilliant, there is a horse to suit every ability, there’s not a horse there you wouldn’t love.

Growing up I feel so privileged to have spent every Sunday at the stables and on Ashdown Forest with the horses. Sundays would not have been the same without this.”

Gary Norris

“I learnt to ride at a young age and participated in schooling lessons plus lots of jumping.

I had a serious motorcycle accident at 14 which affected my memory plus balance/ coordination. I returned to horse riding in 2001 at East View and quickly realised my riding ability once again.

I then got the chance to ride some stunning horses ranging from the more placid cobs to the unsurpassed Dancing Flame. When I started working at East View I was able to work with a wide variety of horses and share my experiences with the many riders.

I have also experienced riding in many different conditions such as snow, ice and strong winds. Although I have ridden whilst on holiday I still find East View Riding Centre pretty unique.”