Novices and Intermediates





Novices and Intermediates

If you love horses and ponies and are looking for a pastime that will keep you fit, get you outside all year round, and bring a guaranteed smile to your face, horse riding is for you. It’s a rewarding and exciting sport that can be enjoyed by all ages.

It can feel a big step the first time you put your foot into a stirrup and trust an animal to take care of you, but don’t worry, this is our specialty! When looking to ride for the first time, or maybe to build confidence when you are feeling a bit nervous we know just how you can feel and will do our very best to put you at ease. Many of our customers will have been exactly where you are now.

If you are looking to have a taste and see if horse riding may be for you and you want to know what it’s really like without being in a sand school, then this is definitely the place to get you started.

Our horses are quiet and trustworthy and we are more than happy to place you on a leading rein and have someone next to you every step of the way. There is no better way to build your confidence than a quiet hack through our woods and farm-land.

If you haven’t been in the saddle for a while, the Farm rides are a perfect way to ease you back into it, you’ll be surprised how quickly you will feel at ease. If you are not sure if you are experienced enough for a Forest hack, this is the perfect trek for you to see what it is we do and to get to know our horses and how we work as an informal and fun way to enjoy yourself.

You may be wondering what we mean when we say ‘novice’ or ‘intermediate’ or ‘beginner’ when it comes to horse riding.

Let me give you a brief idea of what we mean and you will hopefully have a better idea of what you might like to do when coming to ride with us.


Beginner could mean that you have never in your life ridden a horse. Or have ridden once or twice but not for long periods.  You may know how to sit on a horse, hold onto the reins and pull left and right, you may also understand the right pressure to apply when directing your horse.


Novice riders usually know walk trot and are beginning to learn a bit of canter here and there. Usually by this stage you will have got a taste for the great outdoors as seen from horseback and want to get a bit further into the experience.


Intermediate riders know how to walk, trot and canter and are beginning to learn more detailed techniques and may possibly have started attempting small jumps. (We do not offer jumping at East View Riding Centre at this time but this is just to give you an idea of what we mean).

We can take groups of up to 6 complete beginners at this time.