Maintaining the East view riding centre

As most of you all well know, farms take a lot of maintaining! Lately our farm is undergoing so many major maintenance projects. One of of which being “the bridge over troubled water”. Our farm has a lovely stream going through our woods. It’s beautiful but needs a bridge or 4 to make our woods widely accessible to our farm treks. The recipe of horses water and soil seems to add up to, one thing only… Mud! So myself and Fionn made a mad effort to reduce this by adding 10 more railway sleepers to the lower bridge. Digging out an unbelievable amount of mud and firmly establishing the sleepers next to the original bridge. It’s safe to say after a hard days work you can stand back and say “What a job!”. Kathy will hopefully be a lot happier with the progress of this project and we hope it will make for a much more enjoyable trek through our woods.

If there are things round the farm that you think should be fixed or need a little maintenance, don’t hesitate to send me an email and we’ll look at getting it sorted asap! Thanks for everyone’s support in making the farm a fantastic place to enjoy our treks.

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