Fionn’s thoughts on the Ashdown Forest

Fionn with Manuka

My name is Fionn and Ashdown Forest has been on my doorstep since I was a child. I spent my days adventuring across its wild and open spaces on the back of a pony, getting lost in its rolling beauty at any time of year has always been a special experience for me. Ashdown Forest is home to so many wonderful beauty spots and wildlife. It has plenty to offer, not only the scenery but it’s a great place to visit for food and exploring from Winnie the Pooh to Lama Parks, and has so much to enjoy for all the family. For me, providing horseback riding experiences and introducing people to its spectacular beauty, its moods and vast range of wildlife, is both a privilege and a pleasure and there is no better way to enjoy it to its fullest.

There’s a special kind of magic at work when riding in Ashdown Forest. There’s something about the landscape that draws you in and helps you forget your day job completely! Many of our customers find themselves drawn back time and time again to share it with friends, or explore it at different times of the year.

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