Australia facing an Animal crisis due to its natural disaster.

Hi everyone from the East View riding centre in Danehill, UK. As most of you are aware, the fires in Australia have been absolutely devastating and unheard of. Most who have come riding with us probably will have known that I, Joel, Fionn’s husband is Australian. Most of my relatives live around Newcastle, NSW. I’ve been getting reports through the whole calamity. It’s really unbelievable and truly devastating. All my family are ok for the moment. I just thought I’d put together a post to make people aware of the situation a little more because it’s close to my heart.

A common view for most involved.
Where most affected.

Not just animals, economy is ruined.

Check this out:

All just so sad.

Donate if you can, I’m sure any little amount will help in this disaster. I have some instagram friends out there joining the effort to build homes for people who have lost everyone.

Some interesting info from some guys I follow on YouTube:

Anyway, good bye for now.

Hope to see you all soon here at the stables.